School and Sporting Club Specialist

Professional Print Management has been producing Yearbooks for schools from all parts of Australia for over 12 years.

What sets our Yearbooks apart from all other Yearbooks on the market is how easy they are to put together. We work with you to ensure your Yearbook is created without fuss and stress.

We also produce Sporting Club Yearbooks. It doesn’t matter what sport it is. If you want to preserve all the highlights of your club’s season we are here to help. Producing A Sporting Club Yearbook can be a great fund raising tool also.

Use our Pictavo on line Yearbook creation software or use our PDF option.

Pictavo online Yearbook creation software:

Pictavo utilises pre-designed templates to create pages, or you can create your own templates using backgrounds and artwork from the extensive Pictavo artwork catalogue. Pictavo is a multi-user system and is ideal if you are producing your yearbook in collaboration with your students or other teachers. It requires no program installation and can be used on computer, tablet or phone. With Pictavo you receive full training and full support throughout the Yearbook creation process.
You can trial Pictavo for 30 days. Free of any costs or obligation.

PDF Option:

Create your Yearbook using the software of your choice. Output your finished artwork in PDF format. Professional Print Management is here to help you all the way. While we don’t actually provide support for this option we can give advice on how to use most programs.